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Sun Farm Commodities & Trading Co. Ec, a Bahraini corporate entity, was incorporated in 1995 as a marketing, sales and promotion agency for different manufactures from different parts of the world.

In the Middle East, Sun Farm Commodities and Trading Co Ec offers a sales and marketing network without the expense and management responsibility of establishing an own operation. Starting as a food marketing and promotion specialist inthe Saudi Arabian market for European and American food manufactures, the activities soon expanded throughout the Arabic speaking regions of Middle East and Africa. Important foreign companies are using the services of Sun Farm Commodities and Trading Co Ec. forthe successful introduction sales and distribution of their products.

A strict company policy based on high quality service standard has created excellent, direct contacts with large producers. Products like Margarines, milk powders, edible oils, fats, food ingredients, pulses, and many other dairy & agricultural products are offered by Sun Farm Commodities and Trading Co Ec.against interesting and very competitive prices.

Sun Farm Commodities and Trading Co. Ec. markets a widerange of products for the feed industry both cattle and poultry. The Company gives importance to the agricultural sector and deals in, fertilizers - chemical & organic,agro-chemicals - insecticide, herbicide & fungicide.

For a professional marketing support in the Middle East for foreign producers we can offer the following services - Promotional service, Market Research & Information, Translations, Labeling, Legal & Regulatory advice. We can assist you in product promotions, presentation and also store and distribute products through our own network.

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