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BAHRAIN - History in Brief

The island of Bahrain is originally thought to have torn off the Arabian peninsula in 6000 BC. The main island of Bahrain is known to have been inhabited since pre-historic times. Bahrain is known to have been a center for trade in the ancient world far back as 3000 BC. The Dilmun civilization founded in the Bronze Age lasted for over 2000 years. Dilmun developed as a center of trade and commerce because o fits location along the trade routes linking Mesopotamia (Iraq) with Indus Valley (India/Pakistan).

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Though Dilmun enjoyedconsiderable power and influence, at one time Dilmun controlled a large part of thewestern Gulf shore(what is now eastern Saudi Arabia). It is not precise over how far northand inland its influence was felt. At various times in its history, Dilmun probablyextended as far north as Kuwait and as far inland as the oasis of AI Hasa in modern SaudiArabia. Dilmun has been mentioned as a vassal of Assyria in the 8th century BC and byabout 600BC it was fully incorporated into the Babylonian Empire. Nearchus, a Greekgeneral in the army of Alexander the Great is known to have explored the Gulf at least asfar south as Bahrain. From the time of Nearchus until the coming of Islam in the 7thcentury AD, Bahrain was known by its Greek name of Tylos.

The ruling AI Khalifa familyestablished their rule in the island in the mid-18th century. The AI Khalifas have eversince maintained their control of the islands of Bahrain. Today Bahrain is ruled under thewise leadership of His Highness Shaikh Isa Bin Sulman AI Khalifa The Amir of Bahrain, H.HShaikh Khalifa Bin Sulman AI Khalifa The Prime Minister,and H.H Shaikh Hamad Bin Isa ALKhalifa The Crown Prince and Commander in Chief of the Bahrain Defense Force.


Bahrain consists of anarchipelago of 36 island, the biggest being Bahrain island, is thirty miles long andtwenty miles wide, situated off the east coast of the Arabian mainland. Manama the capitalof Bahrain is on the main island. Bahrain has a very hot and humid summers and moderatewinters. Islam is the country religion and though Arabic is the official language Englishis widely spoken and understood.

As Bahrain enjoys a uniquegeographical location, it is the ideal spot for regional distribution, for export andtransit to neighboring countries. Bahrain today is a vital international trade center andlink between East and West. It is an attractive base for trade and industry because of itstax free environment, well developed infrastructure, excellent telecommunicationfacilities, banking facilities and its proximity by road, sea and air to major regionalmarkets.

Bahrain is linked with thekingdom of Saudi Arabia by a 25 km road bridge. The King Farad causeway provides directaccessibility to markets of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Oman, Yemen,Iraq, Turkey and therest of the Middle East. Mina Sulman Port is equipped with the latest technology incontainer handling. Purpose built industrial estates exist in Bahrain, in or near ports.The industrial estates are home to manufacturing, assembly, processing, warehousing,distribution, fabrication and heavy industrial engineering. Bahrain International Airportat Muharraq, boasts of state-of-the-art modern airport facilities. It is the hub ofregional aviation service to international and nearby middle east destinations.

The main exports of Bahrain areoil, petroleum products and aluminum. Aluminum Bahrain, is one of the worlds largestaluminum smelters. The island is the favoured venue for holding business-to-businessevents in the Gulf. Major international companies have located their regional headquartersin Bahrain. They are attracted by its competitive business operating costs, availabilityof skilled workforce, housing, schooling, health care and a high quality of life withsuperb sporting and leisure activities.

Bahrain has a long establishedand clearly defined framework of commercial laws. It is an international and GCCarbitration center, with mature internationally oriented legal framework. With friendlyand welcoming Bahraines, Bahrain has established itself as a main center for tourism,having top quality hotels, restaurants, beaches, pearl diving expeditions and dhow trips.Bahrain today is eager to step into the next millenium with more peace and prosperity.

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